From the wine-producing company to the museum of Rural Civilisation, the Tenuta di Montemassi bears testimony to the history and ancient country traditions of the Tuscan Maremma.

Hidden away in an enchanting corner of the Tuscan Maremma near Roccastrada in Italy and just a short distance from the famous Castello di Montemassi rises the Tenuta di Montemassi: an historical manor estate which today produces wine, overlooking the surrounding vineyards.  
Immersed in the heart of the wine-producing landscape of Italy’s Maremma between the Colline Metallifere and the Tyrrhenian Sea, the estate stretches out for 430 hectares – of these, 180 are set aside for the vines: a sight to satisfy the senses and pique the palate of wine-lovers.

The Cantina Rocca di Montemassi is the heart of this place. Restored to its former splendour, its vines today host native varieties of the Maremma – such as Sangiovese and Vermentino – as well as other important international grapes such as Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.  

All'interno è possibile effettuare una degustazione di vini

All’interno è possibile effettuare una degustazione di vini

Wandering around the estate means immersing yourself completely in the enchantment of the surrounding landscape, marked by the intense green of the olive groves and maritime pines around the lake.

A real natural oasis and pure enjoyment for the palate: at the Enoteca della Rocca di Montemassi, in fact, you can sample all the products in the wine cellar, listening to the sommelier talk and discovering all the secrets that lie behind the production of each of the wines on offer.    

Particolare della tenuta

Particolare della tenuta

Another jewel of the estate is the Museum of Rural Civilisation: a permanent exhibition of more than three thousand ancient objects (from the historical objects of wine cellars of the past, to the tools of the woodcutter, carpenter and builder) passing through the oldest and most genuine traditions of the culture and civilisation of Tuscan agriculture.  

Visitors to Maremma simply cannot miss the chance to visit this legendary Tuscan wine cellar with its glorious past.  

Il Museo della civiltà Rurale

Rocca di Montemassi: 

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