The perfect weekend between nature, architecture and wine-making, the Cantina Petra is one of the most famous artistic wineries in the Maremma.

Protected by the magnificent Metalliferous hills in Val di Cornia and enveloped in the green heart of the Maremma vines, the Tenuta Petra Winery is an unmissable destination for wine lovers.
A visit to the estate does not only mean the fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the typical Maremma countryside, but also the chance to sample the great Cantina Petra wines, enjoying a unique scenery in which architecture and nature meld together in an artistic winery designed by Mario Botta.

Una vista dall'alto della cantina

Una vista dall’alto della cantina

The estate – which includes both the architectural masterpiece as well as the wine-production business – is immersed in 300 extraordinarily beautiful hectares of vines.

Its undoubtable charm lies in how completely it is integrated with the surrounding landscape: constructed with a single main body, the rest of the winery is almost entirely dug into the hill. The vinification process is undertaken in the cylindrical structure while underground you can find the ageing tunnels, a place reserved for the barriques and, at the end of a long corridor that reaches to a massive wall of rock, the Rivadossi Altar: this is the part of the winery dedicated to meetings and reflection.

Particolare dell'interno della cantina

Particolare dell’interno della cantina

Easily recognisable from the exterior thanks to the majestic stairway that leads from the vineyards to the very top, the architectural structure guarantees a breath-taking view that visitors can enjoy in complete relaxation from the external terrace, with a view over the vineyards that stretches over the Tyrrhenian Sea all the way to the islands nearby.

Another hidden jewel of the winery is the two “enchanted” spots which have greatly influenced the wine-producing history of the area of Suvereto: the Princess’ Vine and Princess Elisa’s Garden. Created by commission of Elisa Bonaparte for this area of the Maremma, the ancient designs for the vineyard and the herb garden were followed to the letter: in the garden, visitors are overcome by the perfume of the herbs which seems to fill the air with a veil of magic.

La vigna di Elisa Bonaparte

La vigna di Elisa Bonaparte

The winery’s restaurant, open upon reservation, gives you the chance to sample and rediscover the flavours and aromas of Tuscan tradition, tasting local typical products together with the perfect choice of Petra wine.
Tenuta Petra and its Winery are synonymous with hospitality and discovery, and represent an unmissable experience for experts and the merely curious alike amongst the aromas, flavours and the greenery of the Maremma.


The winery is open every day from 9am to 7pm.

Telephone number:  +39 0565 845308


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